2019 Meeting Schedule


Meeting Date             Program                                                                     Potential Conflicts


  May 1                    Annual Hungerford Album Competition                                        Nationals baseball

                May 15                  Ernesto Cuesta:  A Tour of Cuban Philatelic Websites                Nationals baseball

                June 5                    NAPEX preview                                                                                  Nationals baseball

                June 19                  Auction                                                                                                 Nationals baseball

                July 3                     The Letter “R”,  members are to bring a philatelic

                                                item beginning with the letter R                                                        Nationals baseball

                July 17                  

                August 7               

                August 21             Auction                                                                                                  DC United match

                September 4          Balpex Roundtable                                                                                Nationals baseball (afternoon game)

                September 18        Clothesline Show and Tell

                October  2             Annual Awards Banquet

                October  16           Auction

                November 6         

                November 20      

                December 4         

                December 18       Holiday Party and Donation Auction

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